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In 2010, local paranormal teams in Florida planned an event to help raise funds for their team members stricken with cancer and called it Paranormal Kicks Cancer. A few years later I was asked to help organize events, so I took our idea and gave it structure and PURPOSE! With the help of a few great friends and volunteers, my vision Paranormal Kicks Cancer, LLC was born.

With the guidance of Base Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, the Paranormal Field joined in helping spread the word on childhood cancer awareness, keeping the children with their families and raising funds for cancer-stricken children. Working towards a common goal in kicking this terrible disease to the curb, we added the wish-granting program called Adams Guiding Spirits, Lifting One Spirit at a Time, named after Adam Anderson who is a close friend and huge supporter. From 2013 to 2017, this program has granted 5 wishes to children with cancer!

We have been able to provide a service dog for Chloe, a 10-year-old with brain cancer, and a college visit trip for Emma, diagnosed with melanoma; simple things that bring them joy and put a smile on there face! On June 24, 2017, the loss of my father (due to cancer) heightened my passion and drive for this journey and now PKC has a bigger purpose and wider vision than ever before! We will be hosting events, conventions, live paranormal investigations for kids and adults, and working with the ACCO to distribute resources to children and families in need. We hope to kick cancer to the curb once and for all as PARANORMAL WITH A PURPOSE.

Donate online or visit our Facebook page to participate in upcoming events. If you know of a child with cancer that needs assistance please contact Chris Gostkowski ( 727-534-0617 Alex Wilkinson ( 813-833-4171​

Co-Operator/Marketing Director

Every September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and PKC holds its largest events at multiple haunted locations across the country! This is also on top of our many national events we hold throughout the year helping children and their families in need

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