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Chris Gostkowski

P.R.O.O.F. Co-Founder / Team Leader

 Lead Investigator / Tech Team / UFO Team


I was 8 or 9 years old when my interests began in the paranormal and the 'unknown'.  Due to the death of my grandfather, I was staying at my grandmother's home, in New Jersey in an attic, that was converted into a bedroom. 


At night, as I would lay down to sleep, I would hear voices and a rocking chair would rock located near the foot of the bed.  When I would jump out of bed and run to turn on the light, the voices would stop as well as the chair. This occurred about four times, and I knew I wasn't crazy.

I would end up sleeping downstairs with my parents and since then, I had always wanted to know what it was, how to communicate with it, why it chose me.  Could I help it in any way?

As I got older, I read books about ghosts, astral projection, and  spiritual healing, and have always remained fascinated.

I've been investigating the paranormal to try to find any answers to questions about the unknown as to why these occurrences happen and what is on the other side.

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