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Alex Wilkinson

Co-Operator / Investigator

Marketing Director



I was born on Friday the 13th, so I’m sure “The Universe” knew exactly what it was doing. I’m a lover of Haunted Houses, Halloween and Horror Movies and have seen pretty much every scary movie made. This fueled my love of the paranormal and opened my eyes to this field. I started realizing I could intensely feel and work with energy as well as see spirits close to 10 years ago when I started working on my psychic development.


I received my degree in Psychology from Kansas State University which has also assisted me greatly in understanding human behavior. Since then I have traveled across the country visiting haunted locations and investigating them. I’m excited to assist others in their journey, to continue to learn and to expand my energetic and psychic gifts. I’m currently the co-operator and marketing director of Paranormal Kicks Cancer and P.R.O.O.F alongside my boyfriend and owner Chris Gostkowski.

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