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Est. 2006

Two lifelong friends: Bobby Hewitson and Chris Gostkowski always had the dream of joining a paranormal group growing up. In 2006, Bobby acted on that dream and joined a paranormal team, but was very dissatisfied with how it was being run. It was nothing like he had thought as there was no scientific methods being used at all.


When performing residential investigations, the answers provided to the clients had no scientific bases or findings - except for a physic with little to no scientific evidence to support the outcome. After a few investigations, Bobby had left the investigative team, and started to research how to start his own team supported by science.


In 2006 P.R.O.O.F (The Paranormal Research Organization Of Florida) was Founded. Bobby told Chris about P.R.O.O.F and asked him to join as the Co-Founder and first member of P.R.O.O.F. They had tremendous success. In 2009, Bobby decided to leave P.R.O.O.F. to pursue other adventures and handed the team over to Chris Gostkowski as Founder to oversee the team.


P.R.O.O.F is now stronger than ever, and is extremely well thought of in the paranormal community today, due to the teams strong passion for the paranormal and their drive to get answers to help others. P.R.O.O.F. is not just a team, they are a family. 

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