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Adam Anderson



I am a seasoned paranormal investigator with over a decade of experience. I started in this field as a skeptic, and I still consider myself very skeptical when dealing with the paranormal. This is not to say I am not a believer, I have had my fair share of unexplainable encounters, I just think that many “paranormal encounters” can be easily explained if some effort was put into finding out the true cause.


I also think a large percentage of the teams out there have no interest in putting in that extra effort to find out truth, they would rather produce “evidence” used merely to entertain their audience. In an effort to produce results that can benefit the community as a whole, I will do my best to debunk strange encounters. While I am confident that “something” out there exists, the fact is, we must improve our scientific understand of the paranormal.


I believe we must all stay open-minded to many different possibilities if we want to get closer to solving the mysteries of all things paranormal.

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