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Kristi Marie


Intuitive feelings have been a part of the women of my family for multiple generations as well as dreams and visions. I have experienced these since a small child. Being a small child that was not conditioned into knowing anything regarding paranormal or why I was experiencing dreams and intuition, I began trying to find out answers for myself in my teens. I discovered that I was not a weirdo and that others experience this. I go into situations not thinking they are paranormal and I try to think scientifically. Due to so many experiences I have had, where science can’t explain what I saw/heard, I am a believer in the paranormal phenomena. I believe in paranormal and in science. I feel that me having an opened mind helps me to not jump to anything and everything being paranormal. I am a team member of P.R.O.O.F. because I want to help others not feel like they are weird and I want to try to work on my own feelings as well as understand the paranormal more.

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